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I would thoroughly recommend travel to Manu with Freddy and Greenland tours. We had a fantastic time with someone who having lived a lot of his life in the jungle really knew what he was talking about. The value for money was terrific and the whole experience extremely memorable.


Kenneth D Johnson, Tourist

There are many ingredients that go in to making a successful excursion into the Manu Rain Forest: the trip must be planned; travel must be arranged; lodges must be prepared; meals have to be prepared; a boat with a capable two man crew must be secured; and, finally, a qualified guide must accompany the visitors.  My trip to Manu had all of these things with a guide that was truly outstanding.

Our guide Fredy Dominguez grew up in Atalaya, a small village on the banks of the Upper Madre de Dios River. He is university educated and has an excellent command of English; he kept up a lively conversation while he perpetually scanned the jungle for wildlife. His knowledge of the flora and fauna of Manu was nothing short of phenomenal; he knew the both the common and Latin names of virtually every tree in the jungle.  Fredy’s ability to spot wildlife constantly amazed me since I was under the belief that people with this ability only lived in movies. When Fredy spotted an animal or bird he showed the patience of a saint and wouldn’t rest until even I, a certified Mr. Magoo, had seen the creature also. I can’t possibly list the number of animals and birds that I saw thanks to Fredy, but I can say that Fredy made my personal experience in Manu a most rewarding one.

Kenneth D Johnson
Professor of Mathematics
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

teddy528 - at - charter - dot - ne


Daniel Neokladis


Me and Mila are back in Göteborg, Sweden. Tomorrow I'll start work at the post office, leavning home at 5am, sweating in a car, delivering letters to stores and people, doing what I'm told to get paid, to be able pay rent, food and fun. I'm sick and tired at working, maybe I'll try to escape back to my biology studies at the University in September. Some times I'll think about our trip to the jungle in Manu. It was a great experience, fun and interesting. I learned a lot, saw a lot of animals, plants and environments that I've never seen before. Up to 40-something birds, two snakes, three different kinds of monkeys, big insects, spiders and the eyes of a Cayman. You, Fredy, our guide, could name most of the animals- in English and Spanish. You had big knowledge about the ecology and the people in the area. The trip was flexible and the atmosphere relaxed, we could take a stop to swim in the river and we even saw Spain beat Germany in the European Championship Final. Sometimes it felt like being out in nature with friends and a hired car. Not the usual transport-guide-sleep-bath-factory-made excursion. The food was good and the sleeping (tents with warm madrases or hostel/lodges) as well. I can really recommend Fredy as a guide and a good man. Hehe.. I started writing on the e-mail and went over to writing the letter of recommendation.. I think it could be good with a personal touch on it, work, studies etc. I included my biology studies to give authority to the letter..

Take care

/Daniel Neokladis

neokladis - at - gmail - dot - com


Yatin Jain, Manchester U.K

We went on the jungle tour to amnu with fredy and it was a fantastic experience. The knowledge he has of the jungle and its wildlife is unbeatable. An evening rafting ride looking for cayman in the dark was a special highlight, as well as fredy's stories of growing up in the jungle. If you want to get away from all those prescribed large tour groups then this is the jungle experience for you!

Yatin , Manchester U.K.

yjain500 - at - yahoo - dot - com

jungle trip tourist

Dear Fredy,

first of all we want to thank you for the very nice and interesting 
jungle trip. We did enjoy the amazing landscape with the - for us - 
new vegetation and animals. I think we did like the bird "Oropendula" 
best, but it was also great to see all the other birds, butterflies, 
insects, snakes and mammals especially the monkeys.

We are convinced of your qualities as a guide. We did learn a lot 
about the ecosystem jungle and different adaptations and strategies of 
plants and animals to survive there. It is a big advantage that you 
are born in Atalaya and have grown up in the jungle, so you have a 
widespread knowledge about this place and a native exposure to the 
things there. It was impressive that you touched everything to show us 
for example special insects or we did eat exotic fruits of the jungle.

The organisation of the whole trip was excellent, we did feel in good 
hands all the time. The car was comfortable, and we had a professional 
driver. We also liked the lodges and the different activities you 
offered. One time we walked into the jungle to visit an indigenous 
tribe, but also on the way there we could learn a lot. Detecting 
caimans or bathing in the river "Madre de dios" were other highlights 
of our trip.

Last but not least we want to mention the delicious cuisine of our 
cook/ your mum. The whole crew did enjoy the traditional Peruvian 
food, and she was happy when the dishes were cleaned out.

All in all we had an unforgettable experience. It was not only your 
qualification as a jungle guide, rather it was your friendly nature 
that enthused us. We had a real great time together and are happy to 
have won a new friend.

Sandra & Christoph from Vienna/Austria
--christoph -(dot)- egger -(at)- mac -(dot)- com--


Hi everybody,

it was the most amazing thing ever to explore the jungle together with Freddy when I traveled with my sister in Peru. I hope to be able to get the atmosphere across even though my English isn't the best. Since our group was so small, just my sister and me together with Freddy and his family, it was like being with friends. Already during the eight hours of driving to the tombs, Nina Marca, we talked and talked as if we had known each other for ages and the time just flew away. My sister, an archaeologist, was astonished how much he knew about the history of the Inkas and Pre-Inkas. On the way to the entrance of the Manu National Park he explained all the different areas and their inhabitants to us. We were taken aback to learn that there are still natives who never had any contact to the outside world. We dived into this amazing world of the cloud forest and there, around the next corner, was sitting the strangest bird I have ever seen, the cock of the rock. By the way the only name I could memorize. Freddy asked too much of me, he knew not only the Spanish and English name of all the creatures and plants around us but also their Latin terms.

Before we disappeared into the wilderness, Freddy's Mum, who just opened up a restaurant in Pilcopata – actually we had been her very first customers – conjured up the most delicious dinner....and it should not be the last one. The Matshiguenka village we visited the next day was another highlight of our trip. No electricity, no TV, radio, cafés, nothing we are used in our world, poor guys was our first thought, but then....there is also no pollution, no hectic pace, no stress, no loneliness! Freddy showed us that life in the jungle can be more fulfilled as we would have ever imagined.

After a big breakfast with Freddy's parents we all went to his birthplace from where we took a boat to such a gorgeous place, that it is hardly possible to describe it with words. Just a few huts in the middle of nowhere and incredible experience to be somewhere with no other human and their usual soundscape. Nevertheless, our night was far from being quiet as all the tiny, little insects were making a tremendous noise.

During the two days we spent in this paradise we saw a hole bunch of jungle animals and witnessed the most beautiful nature. Especially when Freddy took us on a raft over the lake within a biosphere reserve, we were thrilled to see so many colorful birds and the eyes of a caiman. Yet this adventure was even topped when Freddy took us to a place at night where we literally "shook hands" with a group of different kind of monkeys.

I will always remember these five days, not only because of the amazing nature and animals we witnessed but mainly because Freddy and his family turned it into such an unforgettable event. The

many discussions we had about our different lives when we sat together – since they were at least as eager to learn about our world as we had been to hear about theirs – and all the other little things made it exactly the kind of ecotourism I had in mind.

I wish them all the best for the future, Freddy's mum good luck with her new restaurant and him ongoing great success with his own company, which I hope will be prosperous yet at the same time remains as familiar as we experienced it. Thanks a lot for a wonderful time!


Hola a todos,

La más hermosa y emocionante aventura de nuestro viaje al Perú y Bolivia fue definitivamente el tour en la selva con Fredy. En parte debido al tamaño reducido del grupo - solo mi hermana y yo así como Fredy y su familia - fue como estar entre buenos amigos. Ya desde el principio del viaje en la Pick-up de Cuzco a las tumbas pre-incas de Ninamarca hablábamos y hablábamos sobre Dios y el mundo, bueno en realidad sobretodo mi hermana y Fredy hablaban y yo solo escuchaba, ay es que eso del inglés es a veces un poco pesado! Me encantó el pequeño relato sobre el pasado de los pre-incas, también porque pudimos aprender más de los antepasados de las personas que viven aquí.

A la entrada del parque nacional Manu Fredy nos explicó el cambio gradual de los diferentes ecosistemas y sus habitantes, y respondía pacientemente a todas nuestras numerosas preguntas. Así aprendimos que allí viven personas que aun no han establecido contacto con el exterior. Nos introducimos al maravilloso mundo del bosque de neblinas y a la vuelta de la esquina pudimos apreciar un ave chistoso, que nunca habíamos visto: el gallito de las rocas. Esperamos mucho tiempo hasta que se paró directamente frente a la cámara de mi hermana, apasionada la fotografía. Lamentablemente ese es el único nombre que nos hemos podido acordar, a pesar de que Fredy nos mostró tantos animales y plantas, y sus nombres en español, inglés y hasta en latín, tantos que simplemente se nos hizo una mazamorra (mezcolanza) en la cabeza.

Antes que entremos al espesor de la selva, la mama de Fredy, que acababa de abrir un restaurante en Pilcopata y nosotros fuimos los primeros clientes, nos preparó una deliciosa comida…que no tiene que ser la última. El pueblo Machiguenga, el cual visitamos al día siguiente, fue una atracción más. No había corriente eléctrica, ni televisión, ni máquina para lavar ropa… nada de lo que es común y corriente para nosotras. Nuestro primer pensamiento fue “pobre gente, es una vida difícil”, pero Fredy nos enseñó que la vida en la selva puede ser mucho más rica de lo que la gente en Europa piensa en general. Nada de agitaciones, ni estrés, ni soledad, ni contaminación.

Luego de un buen desayuno con los padres de Freddy viajamos al día siguiente al lugar de nacimiento de Fredy, y desde allí tomamos un bote hacia un lugar en la selva, que era tan hermoso, que no se puede describir con palabras. Sólo un par de cabañas en el medio de la nada, el bosque, los ruidos de sus habitantes y nosotras. Una experiencia maravillosa el estar en un lugar inhabitado.

Durante los dos días que pasamos en ese paraíso, conocimos una serie de diversas plantas y animales y disfrutamos de la naturaleza del lugar. Sobre todo cuando fuimos en bote sobre the río y luego de una corta excursión a un pequeño lago, pudimos observar desde la balsa a muchas aves muy coloridas en el atardecer. Esto fue sobrepasado en nuestro camino de retorno, ya era de noche y los ojos de los caimanes nos perseguían, y de repente nos encontramos en el medio de dos grupos de monos. Eran tan curiosos y se paraban siempre en el medio de la luz de nuestras linternas, de tal forma que hasta logramos tomarles fotos.

Nos recordaremos siempre de esos días, no solo por la naturaleza tan maravillosa y sus ocupantes, sino principalmente porque Fredy y su familia nos ofrecieron un viaje inolvidable. Las largas conversaciones sobre nuestras diferentes culturas que tuvimos cuando nos sentábamos juntos - así como nosotras quisimos conocer más profundamente su forma de vida, ustedes quisieron también saber más sobre la nuestra – y muchas cosas más, hicieron de este viaje, lo que nosotras entendemos verdaderamente como ecoturismo.

Les deseamos en el futuro todo lo mejor, a la mama de Freddy mucha suerte con su nuevo restaurant, y Fredy mucho éxito con su nueva empresa y que cumplas tu sueño de poder viajar a China. Esperamos que mucha gente de distintos lugares del mundo pueda conocer el mundo Fredy y que a pesar de todo esto se mantenga ese ambiente familiar que nosotros pudimos experimentar.


Mil gracias por esos momentos tan maravillosos!


Daniela y Sandra, Alemania


Review for Manu Trip

We had a fantastic experience traveling to Manu National Park with Greenland Peru on their Parrots Clay Lick Program. Our jungle guide, Freddy Dominguez grew up in the jungle and was university educated. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and spoke excellent English. The trip was well organized, safe, affordable and fun.

On our walk through the Cloud Forest we saw many species of native plants, butterflies, birds, and monkeys. We encountered a large group of capuchin monkeys along the road and stopped to observe them eating. He ensured that everyone in the group was able to see the animals. Freddy's knowledge of the Latin and common English and Spanish names of the various species of flora and fauna was amazing.

We visited a native community that Freddy is studying on our second day. The locals were very friendly and their leader showed us how to use the bow and arrows they utilize for hunting. Some of the village children even accompanied us to the river for a short swim after lunch.

On the third day we went on a night expedition. Initially we took a raft along the river at sunset to bird watch. Then we waited for night to fall before rafting back along the river to search for Caiman alligators. While waiting, Freddy told us stories about growing up in jungle. We saw many Caimans both large and small, along with monkeys and spiders.

Both lodges were clean, had running water and working toilets. The rooms all had either screens on the windows or mosquito nets to keep out the insects. The food provided by Freddy's mother was excellent. For lunch we had Aji de Gallina and lemonade made from freshly picked lemons off a tree near the lodge. As dessert we had fruit from a cacao tree that we found during our morning hike. We were provided with bottled water every day. Freddy diligently ensured that all non-biodegradable garbage was properly disposed of outside of the jungle.

We highly recommend a trip into the jungle with Greenland Peru and Freddy Dominguez. You will have an excellent adventure with a knowledgeable guide. We only wish we had more time to complete the longer tour.

Cindy Yu