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  • You must be in good healthy to do this trip


Country : Peru
Category : Easy
Season : All year around (fixed departures Min. 04 passengers.)
Transportation : Bus, boat
Accommodation : Camping and lodge
jungle guide Manu

You should know that we do not catch animals when visitting the nature, it is forbbiden to catch or collect species of flora and fauna, besides that our goal is to show to you all the respect to the Manu National Park.

Let me talk about the picture on your right hand, it happened when I was travelling with a group of tourist in Manu, there is a zone of Manu where is allowed to live, meaning, for native people and colonos, they can hunt, fish, practice agriculture, etc. So we passed one of this villages of Matshiguenkas, from the boat was not very clear but we could see a couple of persons watching on us, moving and trying to get our attention, as guide I supposed they could be in troubles, or maybe they just wanted to sell something, nothing is compulsory, but I decided to approach and see, as we were getting the banks we could see this marvelous animal, I know some of the Matshiguenka customs, inmediately I knew they would have a good dish that night, we know, they are inhabitants of this land for thousands of years, during this time they have keep a good sistem of life, getting everything from the nature such as, food, clothes, house, medicines, etc living in harmony with the nature at the same time the nature has no been disturbed. So, the low accepts that we do not have authority to say to them (native people) how to live. Nonetheless, in this case of situations we try to do something, I explained about the importance if this animal to regulate the nature, the time which is necessary to get it this long. I hold the Red Tail Anaconda ( I do not use insect repellent because it ca be extremely poisonus for reptails and anfibians when touching them), because I had to show them that it is not fear why i do not catch small Caimans, snakes or any other animal wiht my hands, it is only, because it is not necessary for me and for nobody else, there are animals with high rate of increasing their populations and the Natives know it, like fish, but, we can just remind them or suggest about what animals they should let them go, although they are free to decide, i am sure they ate the Red Tail Anaconda for dinner.



One day Spider monkey and Howler monkey met in the forest.

"Hello, how are you?" asked Spider monkey to his friend Howler monkey.

The Howler was in very bad mood, and decided to make a really bad joke on Spider monkey. He hid his fith finger and saluted Spider monkey, showing only his four fingers:

"hello, I am ok. How are you?"

When Spider monkey observed the hand of Howler monkey, he was very surprised.

"What`s happened? Where is one of your fingers?" Howler answered: "I cut it off. Five fingers are too many If I were you, I would do the same and cut one finger off." Spider monkey started to think: Howler is my best friend, he could not be lying to me. I need to do the same. Returning back to his home, Spider monkey took out his machete and, "boom", cut off his fith fingrt. But then the pain made him realise that he dine something really stupid, and he understood that Howler had played very badly with him. But later he calmed down and thought: okay next time Howler will make my day.

Some days passed. Spider monkey and Howler monkey met again in the forest. Sider monkeyacted like nothing had happened.

"hello, how are you? You were right", said Spider monkey. "It is easier now to move in the branches without so many fingers". At the same time Spider monkey was singing very loud and beautifully. Soon Howler monkey became more curius: " Hey Spider, how did you learn to sing so well?". But ...