8 Day trip, short description...

Starting is Cusco and ending in Cusco, we pass different ecological levels, exploring the cloud forest, on the second day we board a boat, exploring trails, lakes, visitting the parrots clay lick in the low land rainforest, serching for wildlife…

FIXED DEPARTURES.- Manu National Park for 7 days on July 20th

Manu National park for 7 days on Aug 4th



Leaving Cusco early, we will pass through the preinca Tombs of Ninamarca, the colonial town of Paucartambo known as the region’s folklore center. The next stop is Acjanacu (3,530m/11,870ft) which is the entrance to the Manu Biosphere, for an overview of the amazon Basin. After that, we’ll descend through different ecological floors such as the puna, the elfin forest, down into the lush Cloud Forest, along the way we may see endemic flora and fauna such as, butterflies, giant tree ferns and orchids, monkeys, birds like, toucans, tanagers, etc. The Cloud Forest is home of Peru’s National bird which is “the Cock of the Rock” (Rupicola peruviana, we visit its lek) and the spectacled bear (tremarctus ornatus) -the only bear found in South America. We overnight at our comfortable and typical Lodge. (L,D)


45 Min. ride to Atalaya (500m rainforest) where we will board our motorized canoe that will take us to our lodge (5 hours. down stream) situated on the banks of the mighty Alto Madre de Dios River. Here we will spend the afternoon exploring the surrounding area and the very interesting trails that will show us an amazing ecosystem. In a little oxbow lake and a mysterious swamp we have the opportunity to see the prehistoric Hoatzin, some Caimans, Capybaras, Squirrel monkeys, and different species of birds. After dinner, we will hear sounds of the Amazonian night like the Night Monkey(Aotus trivirgatus), the Kalinowski Rat, frogs, Great Potoos and the Pigmy Owl among many others inhabitants of the night during a night walk. (B, L, D)

tDAY 3. – LODGE – up the Manu river – MATSIGUENKA LODGE

Very early 5 a.m. we start the ride on the boat, up the Manu river, 6hours aprox. good chance to see a parrots lick where different species of Parrots and parakeets will give a colorful show and an impressive uproar; we will look for black caimans, capibaras, turtles, birds, monkeys and the elusive jaguar!!. Late in afternoon, good opportunity for a night walk, the nights in the middle of the Amazon are unforgettable (B, L, D)

DAY 4 – 5. – MATSIGUENKA LODGE – Ride down the Manu river – LODGE

On the 4th day we have longer walks and the visit tto the oxbow lake, far from everywhere and deep in the middle of the jungle, is the best oportunity to look  animals and enjoy the pristine forest, an early walk for 3 -4 hours, and a another one in the afternoon,  and of course a nocturnal walk (optional) will give us the best way to understand this unique wonder of our planet. as well as our visit to the oxbow lake to look for  the giant otters using a catamaran, who knows what else we can find in this rich ecosystem.

The 5th day its some flexible, according the time and requirements, we can explore once more this forest, we still have the chance to visit a second oxbow lake and use a 20 meter tower to observe more fauna. after that we navegate down stream the Manu river, always looking for the jaguar!! (B, L, D)

DAY 6 – 7. – LODGE, up the Madre de Dios river – LODGE

Early 6 a.m. we continue on the boat up the Madre de Dios river, we have a chance to do a short visit to a native community, Manu host different ethnic cultures, and talking about them is a lot, just for a taste, we visit one and try to know and understand  the human importance for the Amazon, takes a while until we get the lodge, late in the afternoon we can relax in the hot springs next to our resting place.

on the 7th day we continue on the boat, but we have still some walks in the middle, like a small oxbow lake, and interesting trails, we arrive in the afternoon in the fisrt lodge for our last night.

(B, L, D)


After breakfast we will start the way back to Cusco, one more walk will finish our activities in the cloud forest, arriving to Cusco at 5pm in the afternoon. (B, L)

End of our services

What do you need to bring for this trip?:

• Daypack 
• Flashlight 
• Binoculars 
• Insect repellent
• One bottle of water for the first day
• Rain gear 
• Sleeping bag (7D & 8D tours)
• Warm jacket
• Long- sleeve cotton shirts
• Hiking shorts
• Headgear
• Swimsuit/sport sandals
• Photocopy of passport
• Sunscreen/sunglasses 
• Hiking boots
• Pocket knife
• Camera and film

Fixed Despartures 8 day trip on 2021, if required we can leave at any date with 5 or more persons:













Bilingual professional Guide

7 Nights lodge

All the meals

Land private transportation

River private transportation

Fredy W. Dominguez Valdivia…your Amazon guide

(Inhabitant of Manu Amazon, guide at home, University educated in Tourism…and general manager at GreenLand Perú)

This is me, enjoying the Amazon like i used to do it, when living over there.

The main difference today, is that i can live by doing this, and lately (las 20 years) understood the importance of respect for amazon people, nature, and people like you, who wants to preserve this paradise for good of everyone on this planet

Helping the Amazon is a side effect of visitting it, in a responsible way.







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