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Some recommendations for people who join our group tours,

  • The guide is the leader of the group
  • Please try to be punctual at all times
  • If necessary, tourists should wishes, complaints or any other worry, to the guide. The guide will attend the issue immediately.
  • Because of climatic, road, river or any other circumstances, changes in the program may be necessary. The guide will propose the best alternatives for the program.
  • During the hikes in nature, the tourists should walk behind the guide. In this way the guide can indicate all the tourists the interesting sightings.
  • During the hikes in nature, the tourists should follow the instructions of the guides, such as “stop”, “hurry” and “silence” in case of encounters with animals.
  • Tourists and guide should speak in a low voice, and only about necessary issues, to increase the probability of seeing animals.
  • Tourists shouldn´t touch or try anything they don´t know
  • Every night the guide will explain next day’s activities
  • When a tourist wishes to do any extra activity by him(herself), Green Land Peru can not hold the responsibility. It is prohibited for tourists to walk alone in Manu´s Reserved Zone.
  • Alcoholic drinks are good for tourists, but even when it looks like vacation for us, we are working, thus please, we try to avoid it most of the time, driking a bottle should be good, but sometimes some workers are not that responsible.
  • The tourists are asked to be careful with the equipment and report any material fault to the guide immediately

Experiencing an undisturbed rainforest means you cannot expect the
comforts you have at home. As much deep you go into the Amazon, facilities are more basic.
Manu is an incredible tropical rainforest, a real one, where human beings
have had no or, in some parts, marginal influence. We from Amazon find
it important to also minimize your impact as much as possible; therefore
please realise we do not wish to provide you with extensive facilities: this is not a luxury tour you are about to start. On the contrary, you will encounter basic washing and toilet facilities, plus physical discomforts, such as the heat, humidity, insects, which may have you doubt your decision to go on this expedition. Nevertheless, your reward is exclusive: it is to be part of a rainforest as it has been since the beginning of its time!

On the first day of the trip you should not walk by
yourself with all your belongings on your back, through Cusco´s streets early in the morning. Wait inside your hotel till somebody identifying him/herself as being from our team, picks you up







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