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Why to come with GREEN LAND PERÚ?

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Green Land Peru prides itself on the expert knowledge and experience it has of the Manu National Park, Biosphere Reserve. Fredy, our general manager, is originally from Manu, and has enhanced his native knowledge of the jungle with studies of tourism at a university. Here at Green Land Peru, our focus is on conservation, respect and benefit of the native communities, the ecosystems and biodiversity. We arrange tours that provide our friends with the understanding necessary for the conservation of this unique paradise.


Come and experience the jungle with us! We come from this jungle, we studied tourism, and we have organized jungle trips for many years… We are Amazon people and we do Eco – friendly trips to the Amazon. Tripadvisor recommended

About Us…
Green Land Peru, Manu National Park,

Peru Manu, jungle trips specialist. We are a tour operator specializing in ecotourism, adventure travel, cultural programs and custom-tailored tours in the Manu National Park. We endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment.

   We hold exclusive rights to our lodges and campsites in agreement with the local communities and the government. This means that we are one of the few agencies that are permitted to use this area in Manu to offer a variety of eco-tours that we are glad to describe in the following pages.

Fredy W. Dominguez Valdivia…your Amazon guide

(Inhabitant of Manu Amazon, guide at home, University educated in Tourism…and general manager at GreenLand Perú)

This is me, enjoying the Amazon like i used to do it, while living over there.

The main difference today, is that i live by doing this, and lately (las 20 years) understood the importance of respect for amazon people, nature, and people like you, who wants to preserve this paradise for good of everyone on this planet.

in my childhood i use to enjoy the Amazon without knowing the importance for the rest, just for me

Helping the Amazon is a side effect of visitting it, in a responsible way.







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General Manager

Green Land Peru

Amazon Manu National Park guide

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