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The Classic 4-Day Inca Trail is renowned worldwide, attracting people from many countries, because it includes visiting wonderful Inca archaeological sites, seeing unforgettable landscapes all the way and finally the arrival at one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the spectacular Machu Picchu citadel. Check the availability and book your Classic Inca Trail (4 days and 3 nights) for 2021!

For travelers with schedule or budget restrictions, we are glad to offer the amazing Short Inca Trail (2 days and 1 night). It includes hiking on day 1 and the great Machu Picchu tour on day 2! Check availability for the Short Inca Trail, and you can also contact our professional staff for more information.



  • We will pick you up at the hotel and go on private bus to the km 82 of the old highway to Machu Picchu, the starting point of the Inca Trail.
  • We’ll hike to Patallacta (Inca site) and Wayllabamba,
  • Camping night in Wayllabamba.



  • Today the hike includes Wayllabamba (starting point), the Warmiwanuska pass (13,828 feet/4,215 meters above sea level).
  • After, Pacaymayo, a wonderful spot besides the river of the same name.
  • Camping night in Pacaymayo.

(B, L, D)


  • Starting point of today’s hike is the Pacaymayo camp.
  • Then we get to Runkuraccay and Sayacmarca, amazing Inca ruins.
  • Finally, we arrive to the astonishing Inca remains in Winaywayna.
  • Camping night in Winaywayna, near to Machu Picchu.

. (B, L, D)


  • Hike from Winaywayna to Inti Punku (Sun Gate, the old entrance to Machu Picchu).
  • Professionally guided tour of Machu Picchu for 2 hours,
  • Then enjoy the famous Aguas Calientes village during the afternoon.
  • From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo by train in the late afternoon.
  • Finally from Ollantaytambo to your Cusco City hotel on a private transportation.

. (B, L)

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Full Program

Day 1 Classic Inca Trail – Km 82 to Wayllabamba (Meals: L,D)

Your unforgettable Classic 4-Day Inca Trail across the Andean heights begins in the morning. Our private bus with the experienced, professional guide will pick you up and go to the starting point of the hike, which is km 82, outside Cusco City. There you will register, meet the porters and kitchen staff who will do the Classic Inca Trail with you.

Please don’t forget to have your passport at hand and a valid ISIC card if you are a student. These documents are required for registration before entering the Trail.

From km. 82 (located at 8.850 feet or 2,700 meters above sea level), we will hike until the Wayllabamba campsite. The first two hours of the walk are light and then we’ll reach Miskay, for an energizing, healthy lunch prepared by our professional kitchen staff.

Afterwards, there will be a great uphill hike for about 3 or 4 hours. On this section, we will visit the first Inca site of the Trail, Patallacta, take many pictures and have a guided tour.

Finally there’s the arrival to Wayllabamba, where our cooks and porters will be waiting for you with a delicious dinner ready, and also the whole camp. After eating, you will have free time to enjoy the campsite and the wonderful, starry Andean night!

  • Total walking time: 4:30 / 5:00 hours (7.45 miles or 12 km.)
  • Initial altitude: 9,022 ft / 2750 m
  • Final altitude 9,842 ft / 3,000 m.
  • Overnight at Wayllabamba campsite (Altitude: 9,850 ft / 3,000 m)

Day 2 Classic Inca Trail – Wayllabamba to Pacaymayo (Meals: B,L,D)

You’ll wake up to a delicious cup of coca leaves tea, which is a millenary, healthy Andean secret for energy and altitude sickness, then have breakfast and resume the exciting hike.

Initial altitude for day 2 is 9,850 feet (3,000 meters), starting level of a 5-hour hike until 13,800 feet (4,200 meters) at the Warmiwanuska or Dead Woman’s Pass, a place that offers a unique, unforgettable view of the Andes range. It is the highest point of the trek.

After Warmiwanuska, which is the hardest part of the Classic Inca Trail, there is a 1-hour downhill hike until the lunch area, which our professional cookers will have ready. After lunch, the walk continues for another 1 hour until the campsite at Pacaymayo, and you will have the rest of the journey to enjoy this peaceful spot.

At night, our kitchen staff will treat everybody with a delicious dinner!

  • Total walking hours: 7:30 / 8:00 hours (8.07 miles or 13 km)
  • Initial altitude: 9,842 ft / 3,000 m
  • Final altitude: 12,467 ft / 3,800 m
  • Overnight at Pacaymayo campsite (Altitude: 11,800 ft / 3,600 m)

Day 3 Classic Inca Trail – Pacaymayo to Winaywayna (Meals: B,L,D)

After a delicious, nutritive breakfast, the hike continues! On this day the Trail includes several wonderful Inca sites!

The first stretch will go from Pacaymayo (11,800 feet or 3,600 meters above sea level) to the Runkuracay pass and site (12.800 feet or 3,900 meters asl). After this pass, the hike is mainly downhill, getting to Sayaqmarca, an almost unreachable Inca remain, quite challenging to access.

Next we will arrive at lunch area for day 3. Afterwards, the hike resumes until the amazing Winaywayna Inca complex, also the place for our campsite. There you’ll have the rest of the day to relax and at night, dinner for prepared by our expert kitchen staff.

  • Total walking hours: 10:00 hours (9.32 miles or 15 km)
  • Initial altitude 12,467 ft / 3,800 m
  • Final altitude: 8,694 ft / 2,650 m
  • Overnight at Winaywayna campsite (Altitude: 12,150 ft / 3,700 m)

Day 4 Classic Inca Trail – Winaywayna to Machu Picchu (B)

After a yummy breakfast, the hike resumes from Winaywayna (Quechua for “forever young”) to the Inti Punku or Sun Gate, where the arrival will be after two hours. Congratulations! At this point the Classic Inca Trail is officially finished! It’s a perfect spot to celebrate!

The magnificent view you can enjoy of Machu Picchu, Sanctuary of the Incas, is surely a great reward! Next, there is a short hike to the citadel itself and then the unforgettable professionally guided tour of Machu Picchu to see and learn about the astonishing sacred retreat.

After the guided tour, you will have more time to continue exploring the citadel the way you like! The afternoon in Aguas Calientes is free for you to go visiting or shopping around the village, enjoy the hot springs and have lunch.

Around 18:45 you will board the train to Ollantaytambo, and our staff will pick you there after a 1:30-hour ride, for going to Cusco City on our private bus. In Cusco City we’ll transfer you to the hotel at 22:30 approximately. Surely you’ll be in complete awe after this fantastic adventure!

  • Total walking hours:  2:15 hours (3.72 miles or 6 km)
  • Initial altitude: 8,694 ft / 2,650 m
  • Final altitude: 7,874 ft / 2,400 m.

The basic notion of packing and preparing for the Inca Trail in 2021 is keeping in mind that you will face a variety of conditions during the trek and it’s very important reduce the weight to a minimum. Avoid extra tough carrying your day backpack during the trek, and for the porters, who have limited kilograms to carry including campsite gear and your extra belongings.

During the Inca Trail you will deal with intense heat, strong sun and cold mountain nights, which can get below zero while camping at night.



  • Full briefing. Done by the guide the day before the hike. He’ll explain everything in detail and also answer questions.

  • Transfer from Cusco to Km 82. Private transport trip from Cusco until km 82 of the old road to Machu Picchu (Piscacucho, actual starting point of the Classic Trail).

  • Top guide. Professional tourism guide, specialized in the Classic Inca Trail. Bilingual (English and Spanish).

  • Extra guide. For groups larger than 9 hikers, we provide an additional guide, also specialized and professional.

  • Radio transmitter-receiver. For steady coordination in support. logistics, customer safety, etc, our head chef and the main guide area in constant communication via this device.

  • Oxygen tank. To deal quickly with any respiratory effect consequence of high altitude.

  • First aid kit. Our staff always have it at reach, for immediate basic first care. On the other hand, if you’re undergoing a medical treatment during the Trail, do not stop it.

  • Small groups. We hike with a reduced amount of people, in a semi-private or private tour fashion.

  • Spacious tents. We provide 4-person tents for 2 hikers and 2-person tents for 1 hiker. These tents are suitable for all kinds of weather.

  • Inflatable mats. They are waterproof and also cold insulated.

  • Complete dining set. For breakfast, lunch and dinner we have a tent and tables, chairs, tablecloths, dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc.

  • Kitchen. Extra tent for groups larger than 5 hikers. All food is stored inside it with strict hygiene.

  • Sustainable kitchen. We use biodegradable products only: detergent, dishwashers. All our other items are managed in an environmentally-conscious manner.

  • Wake-up tea. Hot herbal tea brought to your tent, each morning before breakfast.

  • Tea time. Done before dinner, with herbal infusions, coffee, tea, variety of breads, butter, jam.

  • Food: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners during the trek. Includes lunch at an Aguas Calientes restaurant on the fourth day, after coming down from the Machu Picchu tour.

  • Varied snack. Provided every day in a small pouch, consisting in fruit, an energetic bar or cookies and candies.

  • Lunch and dinner. They are buffet or semi-buffet style, with a variety of Peruvian foods and also fusion cuisine (except dinner in the fourth day). Desserts and non-alcoholic beverages are also served.

  • Special diets. Vegetarian, vegan and other kinds are also available at the hikers request, at no additional cost. Please ask for your diet in advance, while reserving.

  • Kitchen personnel. Specialized cooks and an assistant, all also trained in food hygiene.

  • Eco-friendly plastic. We have minimized use of disposable plastics. We work with almost 100% reusable plastics or other materials that do not harm nature.

  • Porters. They are helping personnel, born in Cusco, with extensive experience, properly uniformed and identified.

  • Warm water. We provide it every day for personal hygiene before main meals.

  • Small hand towels. They give you more comfort for personal hygiene.

  • Boiled water. We provide from the third day. On previous days, you can buy it or bring in a reusable bottle.

  • Entrance tickets. Both for the Classic Inca Trail and for the tour of the Machu Picchu site.

  • Return bus. From the Machu Picchu site to Aguas Calientes, after the guided tour.

  • Train tickets. From Aguas Calientes to the station in Ollantaytambo. (Return to Cusco scheduled at a convenient time).

  • Private transfer. From the train station in Ollantaytambo to your hotel in Cusco City.

  • Departure transfer. We will take you from the hotel to the airport, on the day you leave (please coordinate with us in advance).

What do you need to bring for this trip?:

• Daypack 
• Flashlight 
• Binoculars 
• Insect repellent
• One bottle of water for the first day
• Rain gear 
• Sleeping bag (7D & 8D tours)
• Warm jacket
• Long- sleeve cotton shirts
• Hiking shorts
• Headgear
• Swimsuit/sport sandals
• Passport
• Sunscreen/sunglasses 
• Hiking boots
• Pocket knife
• Camera and film







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